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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 21 To 27 Of May, 2018


At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week Google invited Vitalik Buterin as employee, Verge cryptocurrency survived an attack of 51%, and Nabiullina called the cryptocurrency "volatile something."

Top News

On May 21, a group of regulators in Canada and the US was investigating the activities of traders who may be manipulating the bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies. Illegal schemes, which are considered by the Ministry of Justice, include moneu loundering and spoofing.

Verge was under attack again. The attack of 51%, very similar to the April one, lasted several hours, during which the XVG was stolen by $ 1.78 million (details of the attack can be read here). Also, the details of the 51% attack on the Bitcoin Gold network, which took place on May 16-18, became known. In the course of this attack, the malefactor managed to steal about $ 18.6 million in cryptocurrency exchanges in BTG.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Italian court banned the operation of the BitGrail exchange, which was hacked in February this year and lost about $ 195 million in the Nano cryptocurrency. TradingView, which developed a social network and data analysis tools for financial markets, raised $ 37 million during the round. The success of raising funds was facilitated by last year's cryptocurrency boom and the fact that the stock market by and large is not tied to the classical economy.

The British exchange platform for currency trade of LMAX Exchange which from the moment of the start in 2010 has processed transactions more than for $10 trillion will start the cryptocurrency exchange focused on institutional investors. Also start of the cryptocurrency exchange is allowed by the German stock exchange Deutsche Börse operating with the companies which market capitalization reaches $2 trillion.


Credit payment gateway CoinGate plans to suuport Lightning Network payments and is now engaged in technology testing. This company serves more than 4,000 sellers around the world, allowing them to accept payments in bitcoins and altcoins, which can then be converted for payments in Euros or US dollars. Also last week, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated the experimental use of the Lightning Network in combination with smart contracts, which in theory will allow the network not only to process millions of transactions, but also to do it with a greater degree of complexity.

IBM Research presented a solution called Crypto Anchor Verifier, which confirms the authenticity of any product or product using a mobile phone camera and blockchain technology.


In its latest research, the Hong Kong trading platform BitMEX identified 42 "lagging" tokens, presumably representing bitcoin forks, on the basis of which it concluded that the bitcoin ecosystem "has outgrown the hardforks and continues to live on."

Thomson Reuters has published the results of a research of the cryptocurrency trade and the participation of financial institutions in it. Approximately 20% of respondents said they are studying the possibility of adding digital currencies as a trading option for their customers in the next year, and most of them are going to do it in the next three to six months. The poll also revealed that people are already "widely familiar with cryptocurrencies".

President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko on May 24 approved a list of legal entities and individuals against which the National Security and Defense Council imposed sanctions on May 2. It includes the Russian payment system WebMoney and its trading platform INDX exchange, also working with cryptocurrencies.

The head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, called the cryptocurrencies "highly speculative, volatile something," and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said that the country's government does not intend to prohibit crypto-currencies.