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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 14 To 20 Of January, 2019


At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week, Ethereum devs of postponed Constantinople update on February 27 (block 7,280,000), Russian officials and economists made a number of statements indicating a change in approach to cryptocurrency, and Cryptopia became the first cryptocurrency exchange hacked in 2019.



According to Max Kaiser, Bitcoin actually became a symbol of the global financial revolution. He compares Bitcoin to the yellow vests movement in France and stressed that the largest digital asset would contribute to resisting the domination of corporations and major bankers.

According to a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Scott Galloway, 2019 year will worse than the past for cryptocurrency. Professor Galloway says that in the next 12 months, virtual reality (VR) and cryptocurrency will continue to fight for survival.

Sterling Witzke, partner at the Winklevoss twins' family office Winklevoss Capital, believes that 2019 will not a "turning point" for institutional investors who want to enter crypto space. She says that expectations in this regard are ahead of actual facts.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brian Kelly says that in 2019, Bitcoin-ETF has no chance of approval. Kelly believes that in the near future, the agency is unlikely to change its position, since "there are many problems that will take at least a year to solve."


Over the past 12 months, the volatility of the main cryptocurrency has reached its minimum level. Compared to the peak bitcoin volatility in January 2018, the coin's fluctuation range has now decreased by 98%, according to the CoinMarketCap. According to the DRIVE Markets service, Bitcoin hash rate has increased by 35% over the past three months.

According to the Coinmetrics analytical service, the EOS network turned out to be the absolute leader in the updated ranking. Tron cryptocurrency network has taken the second rank. Next in the ranking are Ethereum and XRP, the Bitcoin platform took only the fifth line by the number of transactions in this list.

According to the American blockchain-company Chainalysis, the volume of Bitcoin transactions in the darknet over the past year has doubled, compared with the beginning of 2018, to $ 2 million per day.

According to a new study by the Diar company, in 2018 the leading cryptocurrency exchanges recorded a rapid growth in the number of operations with digital assets. The study notes that the volume of transactions on trading platforms significantly exceeded the amount of transactions in digital currencies concluded in 2017.

According to analysts of the BitMEX platform, in 2018, the organizers of ICO projects in the Ether Ecosystem (ETH) were able to sell their coins for $ 24.2 billion. At the peak of the cryptocurrency market, the value of digital assets sold reached $ 80 billion. However, by the end of last year this figure fell up to $ 5 billion

According to the latest ICObench report, all ICOs that were completed by January 15 raised about $ 160 million.

Analysts of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (a branch of the US Federal Reserve) recorded an increase in the influence of altcoins on the cryptocurrency market. The article says that they put pressure on Bitcoin, which will only increase.


On January 10, the Decenter Smart Contracts Audit Startup announced that the Google Ads platform had blacklisted Ethereum keywords. Google Ads said that the platform may advertise cryptocurrency exchanges aimed at the United States and Japan, and that the reason for the rejection of advertising may be an attempt to send it to users from other countries.

Ethereum Classic Labs has established a new division, whose specialists engaged in solving the problems of security and performance of the blockchain cryptocurrency ETC. The task of platform's specialists will include work on improving the security of the digital asset network and creating tools for the efficient launch of blockchain applications and mining.

In new interview with Fortune, Brad Garlinghouse expressed confidence that many of the 200 banks and financial institutions that have joined the RippleNet network are preparing to use xRapid, a Ripple solution based on the XRP digital asset.

One of the NEO cryptocurrency creators, Eric Zhang, told reporters that he was not at all interested in the current value of the coin. In an interview with CCN, he stressed that at this stage, the NEO development team focused on improving of cryptocurrency capabilities .

Cryptocurrency Exchange

New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has been cracked. On the official website of the exchange states that the losses are “significant” (according to local media, it is about $ 3.6 million). The police of New Zealand confirmed the investigating the “grand theft”. The stolen funds allegedly has found on such exchanges as Binance, KuCoin, DigiFinex, and some others.

The head of the Binance Exchange, Changphen Zhao, said that the exchange could freeze the stolen funds, checking the relevant facts. The head of the Kraken exchange, Jesse Powell, after breaking into Cryptopia, urged users not to keep coins on the cryptocurrency exchanges (including Kraken), but to use hardware wallets for this.

Binance has launched a new trading platform with Fiat-Crypto pairs on the island of Jersey, a self-managed territory owned by the British Crown. The new exchange will allow European and British users to trade Bitcoins and the air against the British pound and the euro.

Bittrex Exchange launches over-the-counter trading service. Now, the verified and authorized clients of the Bittrex exchange will be able to use the new service that will allow “to trade assets quickly and conveniently”. The service will support about 200 cryptocurrencies that have already been listed on the stock exchange.

The first legal cryptocurrency exchange in the history of the country has been launched in Belarus. It was launched by Larnabel Ventures Company. Another investor in the project was the company VP Capital of the Belarusian businessman Viktor Prokopeni. According to insiders, cumulatively their investment in the project amounted to a total of $ 10 million. The size of the shares of companies and the terms of the transaction are not disclosed.


The Supreme Court of India unexpectedly held a lawsuit against the Reserve Bank of India. The plaintiffs demanded to recognize the ban on the country's banks to work with cryptocurrencies illegal. However, the lawyers of both parties were absent, so a new date for the hearing was appointed, at the end of February. Recall that in April last year, the Reserve Bank of India instructed the country's credit and financial institutions to stop cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges and investors for three months.

On January 14, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered state oil companies to start selling abroad 15% of Venezuelan oil for Petro's cryptocurrency. At the same time, Maduro for the fourth time announced the forced appreciation of the cryptocurrency Petro, the price of which rose from 9,000 to 36,000 sovereign bolivars. The minimum wage in Venezuela will be set at half Petro; previously it was 4.5 thousand sovereign Bolivars.