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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 18 To 24 Of June, 2018


At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week hackers attacked Bithumb and the creditors of Mt.Gox seemed to have an opportunity to return lost funds.

Top News

On June 20, one of the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced about its hack. Bithumb promised to compensate for all the losses from its own funds, and litecoin co-founder, Charlie Lee, said that this hack "will not be able to change the fundamentals of bitcoin."

In Japan, the large cryptocurrency exchange BitFlyer stoped the opportunity of creation of new accounts due to the fact that regulators ordered it to improve the security system and management structure.

Tether is really provided with dollars. This is evidenced by the report of the legal company Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, although it does not confirm that the USDT was provided with American currency for a long period or provided it now.

Cryptocurrency Market

The team of the Russian blockchain platform Waves reported Waves support on Huobi. Last week, the OKEX exchange announced the suppport of Waves on its platform, where trades are available in pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT and OKB. Waves is also trades on Binance. Despite the fact that Waves is experiencing the best time for growth, the rate of the cryptocurrency against the background of the fall of the market has decreased.

TaTaTu generated $ 575 million in a closed sale of TTU tokens. To date, this is the third largest ICO (after EOS and Telegram), which is at least strange, given that the project has not been discussed until now.

The blockchain company Circle described how it will choose the cryptocurrency for its trading and investment platforms. This announcement was released two weeks after it became known that Circle applied for a banking license. In connection with the ambiguous policy of US regulators, its receipt remains questionable, but here Square, whose market capitalization will soon overtake Nasdaq and Cboe, this week received Bitlicense from the Financial Services Department of New York (NYDFS).

The network got an audio recording of a conversation between CEO Skycoin (SKY) Cytto Sudo, from which it becomes clear that Cint is aware of insider trading SKY. The reaction to the audio was mixed. Some argued that SKY's head "just joked", but on the course of the cryptocurrency it was very bad.

Fortune, citing insiders, said that Stellar is negotiating the purchase of the American startup Chain, which deals with blockchain solutions for the financial industry. According to Fortune, the deal is amount to $ 500 million in XLM.

One of the world's largest consulting companies in the field of management and information technology, Capgemini, published an annual survey containing data on the size of the state of the world's richest people and the nature of their investments.


Intel and Enigma work together on private smart contracts. The goal of the partnership is to create "software that, if scalable, can be used on an industrial scale".

Microsoft announced an ambitious plan to create a fee-paying system for content creators, software developers, etc. with the help of blockchain technology. The main goal of the project is to significantly simplify and standardize the process of tracking and collecting payments related to copyrights. For a long time this process depended on a number of intermediaries.

The drop in demand for video cards for mining caused problems for Nvidia. Speaking at the Computex 2018 conference, Nvidia CEO Huang Jenxun announced that the company will not release new models of video cards "for a long time".

Other events

The Swiss Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published an annual economic report on June 17, which says that bitcoin and its counterparts are endowed with a number of shortcomings that prevent the cryptocurrency from meeting the expectations that sparked an explosive interest and led to an inflow of investments.

At the Amsterdam airport Schiphol now has a bitcoin-ATM. It is set for a six-month trial period to assess the demand for such a service by passengers. According to representatives of Schiphol, this airport was the first in Europe, offering travelers such a service.

WhatsApp messenger launched the payment function in India. Since then, the number of its users has reached one million. This shows how high the level of trust in known applications and centralized services, as well as the fact that the Telegram platform has every chance of becoming a successful payment platform.

Max Keizer, host of the show The Keizer Report on Russia Today and a former trader, wrote on Twitter that "the price follows a hasht" and that he "kept saying that since bitcoin costed only $ 3."