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Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 16 To 22 Of July, 2018


At the end of the week, we resume everything that the cryptocommunity talked about over the past seven days. This week Barry Silbert stated that the bitcoin has reached a bottom this year, and Arthur Hayes assumed that it will reach $50 000 in the 2018.

Top News

At the beginning of a week Financial News published that BlackRock — the world's largest investment company by the size of assets (more than $6,288 trillion) — has created the working group on questions of investments into cryptocurrencies. Against the background of this news the bitcoin for an hour has jumped up almost for 4%, at the same time capitalization of the market for the same period has increased by $10 billion, but later the head of the company Larry Fink in an interview of Bloomberg has partially denied this information.

Also on Thursday, July 19, Coinbase representative told Bloomberg journalists that the exchange received permission from the SEC and the Financial Institutions Regulation Agency (FINRA) to support digital currencies that are treated as securities tokens, but later the exchange refused from this statement.

Head of VC Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, said that he was optimistic about the bitcoin potential as an investment tool, and added that the bitcoin market had bottomed out this year. Arthur Hayes, head of the Bitmex trading platform, suggested that the current movement of the bitcoin price could bring it to $ 5000, after which it will reach $ 50,000 in 2018.


IBM can soon introduce its stablecoin. Stellar will be a platform for testing, where the company plans to begin testing the "cryptodollar". The token will be called Stronghold USD. Also, the testing of its EURO stablecoin (the EIP20 token on the ethereum tied to the euro) is carried out by the Malta STASIS asset tokens platform.

The payment system Mastercard received a patent related to payments in the cryptocurrency. The ability to pay for purchases with a company credit card, while using the cryptocurrency, may appear in the near future.

The Kik messenger has started a beta of the Kinit app. The app has rather simple functionality and suggests users to participate in polls. For answers 80 Kin then Kinit suggests to return tomorrow are charged to perform more tasks.

Parity Technologies has introduced a new version of its software for the ethereum called Parity-Ethereum v 2.0, and Gavin Wood from the Polkadot project showed the second implementation of the platform protocol.

The major cryptostastups supported the Bitcoin Optech project, which will help reduce bitcoin fees. Bitcoin Optech declares that cooperation will only benefit everyone and that several key technologies have already been identified that can help the industry right now.

Bitmain Company presented Antminer Z9 - a "full" miner for Equihash. The device features a hashtre of up to 40,000 Sol/ s (solutions per second) with a power of 1150 watts., which is behind the EOS project, raised funds from several large investors, among them the co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel. In a new round of funding (the amount is not disclosed), Bitmain also took part, which this week opened an office in Silicon Valley with an area of ​​20,000 feet (about 1,900 square meters).


The Maltese Stock Exchange (MSE) in cooperation with OKEx will launch a new trading platform of institutional level. A joint project, named OKMSX, started after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between MSE and OKEx. This is a platform where digital asset exchanges will operate. The staff of the platform will be qualified lawyers and security experts who will be able to take care of the interests of customers.

CoinMarketCap website in response to suspicions of cheating trading volumes on some exchanges through a fictitious trade (money laundering) on ​​July 19 published in its blog the statement of vice-president of marketing Carilin Chan. She said that the site cancels the requirements for minimum trading on the exchange and plans to introduce new filters and trade volume ranking indicators in order to "provide users with the most relevant and accurate data."

The South Korean cryptoexchange Bithumb intends to begin work in Japan and Thailand. The company has already applied for licenses to the Financial Services Authority of Japan and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex launched its first official application for mobile device users. It is available on Android and iOS. The official nature of the novelty distinguishes it from various software, which in the past produced third-party developers.

Other events

The new chief executive of investment bank Goldman Sachs will be its current chief operating officer David Solomon, who last month said that Goldman wants to add to its portfolio additional services related to bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. In October, Solomon will replace Lloyd Blankfein, who was at the head of a huge financial conglomerate for 12 years.

Fortune included 40 of 40 most influential people in business under 40 years - 40 under 40 - CEO of the Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin, as well as Vlad Tenev and Baju Bhatt, co-founders of the cryptocurrency Robinhood application. Known in the cryptocommunity figures took the 20-th, 22-th and 24-th places, respectively. Also in the list for the first time was Pavel Durov, having placed on the 25th place.

And although the cryptocurrency industry every day finds more recognition in society and business, some regulators are not so optimistic. For example, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an organization that advises the G-20 on global financial systems, presented rules for monitoring cryptocurrency assets. The document contains a number of indicators on the basis of which the FSB will monitor the development of the cryptocurrency markets and "help identify and reduce risks for users, as well as protect investors, market integrity and financial stability."

US Congressman Brad Sherman called to prohibit the purchase and mining of bitcoins. He added that in the future, cryptocurrencies can play the role of money, but in the present they are used to evade taxes and circumvent the sanctions imposed by the US authorities on states with authoritarian and criminal regimes.