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A Critical Vulnerability Was Found In EOS Network


A critical vulnerability in EOS blockchain can allow attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on network nodes to control them. This is reported by the traditional news provider from China cnLedger with reference to the developer of the antivirus 360.

Chinese Internet security giant 360 has found "a series of epic vulnerabilities" in the platform. Some of the bugs allow arbitrary code to be executed remotely on EOS nodes and even taking full control of the nodes.

As, the representatives of the Chinese company have already allegedly warned the EOS team.

According to their Weibo (Chinese Twitter), 360 reported the bugs to the EOS team. "The person in charge of the EOS network said that the EOS network will not be officially launched until these issues are fixed."

Chinese company also called on cybersecurity experts to research blockchain projects more thoroughly, since in the future vulnerabilities could be found in other cryptocurrencies.

On their weibo, 360 then urges the teams and companies in this industry to pay more attention to the security of blockchain projects, as more vulnerabilities could also be found on other cryptocurrencies in future.

Price EOS meanwhile showed a rapid decline of 10%.

Let's remind, just yesterday the massive sale of Ethereum tokens on the Bitfinex exchange was connected with the project team As a result, the rate of the second cryptocurrency decreased significantly.