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Creator Litecoin Reveals He Sold All His Litecoin And Called Satoshi Nakamoto To Follow Him

charli lee is satoshi nakamato

Litecoin co-founder, Charlie Lee, said that he has sold all his coins because he did not want accused of personally influencing the price fluctuations. The corresponding statement he made on Reddit.

According to Charlie Lee, over the past year he did not write tweets that has related to the price of cryptocurrency, but this in itself is quite difficult because value is a very important aspect of the Litecoin growth.

I have always refrained from buying/selling LTC before or after my major tweets, but this is something only I know. And there will always be a doubt on whether any of my actions were to further my own personal wealth above the success of Litecoin and crypto-currency in general.

Charlie also insists that he always refrained from buying or selling LTC before or after he published important tweets, but he knew about it only himself.  However, it will always be doubts as to if his actions at personal enrichment to the detriment of the success of Litecoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

For this reason, in the past days, I have sold and donated all my LTC. Litecoin has been very good for me financially, so I am well off enough that I no longer need to tie my financial success to Litecoin’s success. For the first time in 6+ years, I no longer own a single LTC that’s not stored in a physical Litecoin, said Charlie Lee, adding that he left only a few physical collectors' coins.

At the same time, he emphasizes that he does not leave Litecoin and will continue to devote all his time to this work. He also refused to disclose the exact amount of coins sold, assuring that this amount is only a small percentage of the daily volume on the exchange GDAX (about $550 million) and the sale has not led to the collapse of the market.

At the same time Litecoin creator called to follow his example of Satoshi Nakamoto: