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Corda Blockchain Platform has become accessible on Microsoft Azure

corda blockchain

Blockchain Platform

Project Bletchley's team announces that has added Corda on Azure. It was created jointly by the participants of R3CEV consortium. Microsoft informed about it.

Corda is a platform grounded on the blockchain of Ethereum with a private access, which utilizes JVMs smart contracts and intended for applying by financial institutions. Although the creators talk about other possible apps, in Corda’s whitepaper noted - it is a highly specialized tool exclusively for financial organizations.

"With the supplement of Corda to Project Bletchley, we proceed to evolve our platform maintenance on Azure to create the perspective type of distributed business apps," - stressed Christine Avanessyans, Manager at Microsoft Azure.

As notes on the Azure Marketplace has been added the form of a virtual machine, whereby it became possible to prompt and readily unfold a multi-member Corda demo network on individual VM. In such way, the opportunities of Corda were demonstrated by dint of real-life scripts, as interest rate swap transactions and Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM) valuation.

Corda platform development was carried out over a year. On November 30, the code was posted in open access.

The target of Project Bletchley is to help companies representing different sectors of the economy, to create consortiums for the study and implementation of blockchain technology.

In early November, Microsoft announced plans to launch a new project called the Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network, which is designed to help representatives of different industries to build a more efficient operation and to form concerns.

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