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Constantinople Hard Fork In Blockchain Ethereum Postponed Until The Beginning Of 2019

ethereum constantinople

The implementation of  Constantinople update, the second part of Metropolis hard fork in Ethereum blockchain, postponed until the beginning of 2019. Ethereum Core devs made this decision during the videoconference:

Initially, Constantinople release in Ethereum mainnet planned for November, but after finding a few bugs as part of testing on the Ropsten network, the developers decided to wait a little.

“I still think that we are in too much of a hurry. We need to pause and understand what is happening,” said Afri Shedon, developer of Parity.

Martin HolstSwende, security lead at the Ethereum Foundation, added that it would give developers time to add ProgPow code aimed at fighting ASIC miners in Constantinople.

Earlier, the Constantinople code was integrated into the Parity Ethereum client.