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Consortium R3 Refused To Admit Russian Banks

R3CEV blockchain

The Blockchain consortium R3 is not ready to admit Russian banks. Such decision justifies the effect of international sanctions to Russia.

Sberbank wanted to join in R3, but it was given to understand that the application would be rejected due to sanctions. The result is the largest Russian Bank has refused this idea.

According to the first deputy chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis, the official application for joining R3 by Sberbank was not submitted.

Lev Khasis also claims that Sberbank planned to join R3 from December 2015, and in September 2016 the financial institution announced its joining the international blockchain consortium Hyperledger. Sberbank clarified that in the field of blockchaun technology it develops document circulation with FAS, factoring and interbank exchange of information on fraud.

According to Lev Khasis  "this is not only sanctions, but now the overall perception of Russia in the world is complex."

“What's the point to want, if you don't want to. When we begin to want, we'll consider whether we want”, — said Lev Khasis.

Currently, the R3 is the only one Russian participant of the payment system QIWI.

Blockchain consortium was formed by R3 in 2015. It includes more than 80 organizations, among them such major international financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Barclays, BBVA, etc.

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