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CipherTrace: This Year Hackers Stole More Than $ 927 Million In Cryptocurrency

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According to the latest report of the American company CipherTrace, over the past nine months, the amount of stolen funds from cryptocurrency exchanges reached $ 927 million, which was almost 250% more than in 2017 ($ 266 million). 

The company's report also notes a growing number of relatively petty thefts in the range of $ 20-60 million, the total damage from which in the third quarter was $ 173 million. According to a previous report by CipherTrace, published in July, the volume of cryptocurrencies stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges for the first six months amounted to $ 750 million.

Recent data also shows that since 2009, major cryptocurrency exchanges from countries with shortcomings AML legislation have used Bitcoin to “wash” $ 2.5 billion.

In an interview with Reuters, David Jevans, executive director of CipherTrace, said:

Regulators on this issue are still lagging behind for a couple of years, because there are only a few countries that effectively apply anti-money laundering legislation.

CipherTrace claims that the report analyzed the 20 largest websites in terms of trading volume, although it refuses to name them. The amount of $ 2.5 billion has obtained from an analysis of 350 million transactions on 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. 100 million of these transactions linked with the company's own data on the criminal activities of counterparties.

Researchers claim that the above exchanges were also used to purchase illegal services in the amount of 236,979 bitcoins, which is equivalent to $ 1.5 billion at the time of publication.

Jevans says:

 All exchanges receive this laundered money. You can't stop them, and here's why. We often learn about criminal matters after the fact. We do not have the opportunity to learn about them in real time. You may know about them at 80-90%, but it is impossible to know at all 100%.