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Chinese Bitcoin Millionaire Threw Out A Few Million Dollars


Chinese bitcoin millionaire Wong Ching Kit decided to follow the example of the Telegram messenger creator, Pavel Durov. Kit threw out several thousand banknotes of 100 Hong Kong dollars from the roof of the house, causing a hype among the citizens.

Squandering he cried:

"Today, December 15, is a great day for the cryptocurrency market. I don’t know if any of you believe that money can fall from the sky."

According to eyewitnesses to the event, Kit said that he feels like a god and wants to tell the whole world about Bitcoin. In total, Wong threw away several millions of Hong Kong dollars ($12,8 millions). However, the police officers who arrived at the scene, found only $5.000, apparently, the rest of the money settled in the pockets of satisfied citizens. Law enforcement agencies did not appreciate the good gesture of the millionaire and arrested him. On what charges - is still unknown.

Wong was into crytpocurrency mining digital assets and ICO promo. He is known as Coin Young Master or Mr Coin. Wong considers himself Robin Hood because he was robbing the rich to help the poor. However, a Twitter user reported that Kit is a cryptocurrency fraudster who made money by fooling ordinary people. However, he did not provide evidence of the fraud of Wong.

After the appearance of the millionaire, the hypothesis of a quick change of the bear trend to the bull one appeared. Some members of the crypto community believe that the whales have already filled their pockets with coins and are preparing for a pamp, so China’s action is a very effective planned advertisement for virtual currencies.