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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has announced a tender for the development of solutions for Masterchain Blockchain Platform

Masterchain Blockchain Platform

The Central Bank of Russia has begun to accept applications for partaking in the tender for the development of a software system that will provide exchange and storage of financial info applying distributed technology registers (PC Masterchain). The announcement was taken on December 8 in the automated trading system Sberbank-AST.

The target is the creation of a trusted info sharing environment and to control actions between do not trust each others parties, which will provide:

* Reduction of intermediaries’ interactions

* Availability of info to interested parties at the time of changes

* Controlled transfer or exchange of rights of the financial instruments and assets with the implementation of appropriate registration.

Applications for participation in the tender will be accepted from 9 to 19 December, and the winner will be known on December 27 this year. The starting price of the lot is almost 9 mln rubbles.

The first transaction between the largest banks in Russia with Masterchain, a prototype of blockchain- service based on Ethereum, were implemented in October.

The elaboration of the platform is coordinated by the Bank of Russia, was carried out with the partaking of Alfa-Bank, Bank "Otkrytie", Tinkoff Bank and Qiwi, it allows producing new products and services.

On October 28 the Central Bank's chief of the Central of Financial Technologies Maxim Grigoriev during the "Open Innovation" Forum, he informed the consortium of financial institutions is examining already 2 Masterchain platforms.

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