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Central Bank Of France Is Working On The Digital Currency

The French central bank, Banque de France, is looking for a blockchain analyst and development engineer who will work on digital currency and the application of the blockchain to the main banking functions. Both jobs require work in Paris. A blockchain analyst should be familiar with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming. As an example of relevant work experience, the regulator cited corporate blockchains Quorum, Hyperledger, and Corda, as well as public ones – Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The analyst will participate in joint projects with other European banks in which various blockchain specialists are involved. The candidate will develop effective approaches to blockchain integration both within the banking infrastructure and beyond. Economic issues related to monetary policy will also be in his area of ​​responsibility.

bank of france vacansies

The development engineer will take part in the “interbank project aimed at reorienting the reference services system of banking institutions to the Ethereum blockchain”. The engineer will work in a team of “about ten people.” The development will be based on the technologies of Angular 7, CSS, NodeJS, Solidity, PostGRE and Linux.

French Central Bank And Blockchain

Banque de France has long been interested in blockchain. In October 2016, it participated in an interbank experiment, the purpose of which was to study the consequences of introducing a decentralized protocol in the management of the functions of the Single Payment System in the euro area (SEPA).

In early 2017, the regulator announced the opening of an innovative laboratory that will collaborate with blockchain startups.

Recall, the French Ministry of Finance is extremely concerned about the prospects of launching the stablecoin Libra from Facebook. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has repeatedly stated that France will not allow “Libra to develop on European soil.” He also proposed creating a state-owned digital currency in the EU, controlled by central banks, and creating a unified legal system for regulating crypto assets.

At the end of last month, Paris led the coalition created to fight Libra. France was supported by Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The coalition calls on EU countries to consider a complete ban on Libra.


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