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How To Create Cryptocurrency: Programs

The process of creating a cryptocurrency is a whole range of activities, including writing code, creating an infrastructure and bringing a coin to the market. Typically, a new coin is ...

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Bitmain Will Pay For Electricity Of Miners

The team of the largest mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain presented a new business development strategy for the company. The latter is designed to increase the level of effectiveness in dealing with ...

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Coinbase Custody To Become A Custodian For The First Asian Bitcoin Trusts

Digital Asset Manager IDEG launched Asia's first two Bitcoin Trusts. The custodian for both funds is Coinbase Custody. According to a press release, the total size of Asia Bitcoin Trust ...

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Mike Novogratz Investment Fund Supports Fintech Startup For Teenagers

Teen oriented fintech startup Current has announced the closing of the $ 20 million investment round. Today we are excited to announce we've raised $20 million in Series B funding, ...

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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Cryptocurrency Will Be Able To Overtake Chinese Digital Yuan

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented the text of his appeal to the American Congress, thanks to which he wants to change the attitude of regulators to the crypto project of ...

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Ripple Reports Significant Decrease In XRP Sales In 3Q 2019

Ripple reports to the community about the activity in the 3Q of 2019. According to a document published on the company's official website, XRP sales almost tripled and amounted to $ ...

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Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Project Introduced Board Of Directors And The First Libra Association Lineup

The Facebook crypto project team introduced a document that includes the Libra Association moving to a formal management structure. According to the publication, the charter of the Libra association was signed ...

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Revolut Partners With JP Morgan Investment Bank To Organize A New Financial Round

The British "unicorn" founded by Nikolai Storonski, to attract $ 1.5 billion from investors and increase its valuation to $ 10 billion. Thus, Revolut can become the most expensive fintech ...

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