Why Durov’s Cryptocurrency Has Become One Of The Most Discussed Projects Of 2018

Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain platform ranks as one of the most high-profile projects of 2018. Private ICO TON for "selected" investors, scandals about the Gram trademark, the unwillingness of ...


“Anti-Corruption” Alliance of McAfee Attracts HitBTC Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC made headlines again. This time due to the fact that its rival CoinBene made an "anarchistic" statement that any cryptocurrency that voluntarily leaves HitBTC will list free on CoinBene. This ...


The American Nightlife Association and Paytomat, Team Up to Drive Cryptocurrency Adoption in the US

ANA will help Paytomat launch in the US, generate new revenue streams and build a strong network of multi-venue clients. The American Nightlife Association (ANA) uniting 30,000 merchants, and Paytomat, ...


Coinbase May Add Ethereum Classic On August, 7

The American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the beginning of the last phase of testing support for Ethereum Classic, which should completed before August 7. After that, trading platforms Coinbase Prime ...

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Thomson Reuters Will Launch An Online Cryptocurrency Tracking Platform

CryptoCompare integrates data on the trading of 50 cryptocurrencies into the financial platform Eikon, developed by Thomson Reuters. Adding our data to the @thomsonreuters Eikon platform will allow trading professionals ...

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What Risks Does Block.One Bear For Voting In EOS Network

Block.One decided to start voting with the help of its EOS tokens. At the same time, the company controls 10% of the 1 billion issued tokens. As decision-making on the platform is ...

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Research: 94 Out Of 100 Successful Blockchain Projects Are Based On Ethereum

According to cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke, 94 of the 100 best blockchain projects based on the Ethereum platform.  Ethereum network deserves to be one of the leading blockchain platform for smart contracts. He ...

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Bitcoin Community Criticized Microsoft Purchase

On Monday, June 4, the American technology giant Microsoft purchased a well-known web service GitHub. The deal amounted to $ 7.5 billion. But reaction of cryptocurrency community to this news turned out to be ...

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