Who Actually Makes Profit On Cryptocurrencies

Crypto exchanges are becoming one of the largest beneficiaries of the cryptocurrency boom. Ten largest exchanges earn about $ 3 million a day as commissions, which means more than $ 1 ...

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Bitmain Opens Office In Swiss Zug

Chinese bitcoin company Bitmain has opened a new office in the Swiss Canton of Zug, according to local news Handelszeitung. This step by the largest manufacturer of mining hardware occurred against the ...


Bitstamp Exchange Collaborates With Masterpayment Payment Service

The largest bitcoin exchange in Europe in trading volume Bitstamp announced partnership with an independent payment e-commerce service Masterpayment in order to simplify the process of purchasing cryptocurrency using credit ...

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Nvidia: GPU For Mining Are Not The Most Significant Direction

Representatives of the leading manufacturer of graphics chipsets Nvidia said that they will maintain a flexible approach to products for the cryptocurrency market and this segment is not the highest ...


Swedish Bitcoin Exchange Safello Wants To Become “European Coinbase”

Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello, started operation in 2013, from the beginning has set itself quite ambitious goals, but at some point began to lose the competitive race. Nevertheless, the management of ...


Blockchain Consortium R3 Will Have A Representative Office In Russia

The international blockchain consortium R3 is considering the possibility of opening its representative office in Moscow on the basis of QIWI Blockchain Technologies department (Qiwi Blockchain Technologies Ltd). This reported by RNS. According to ...


Overview Market ICO: Startups Tokenize Gambling, Electricity And Logistics

It's time to admit that the news about the next ICO in the crypto industry today is hardly an event. Every month dozens of projects sell their tokens, collecting millions of ...

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Blockchain Startup Blockonomics Will Offer The Possibility Of Sending Bitcoins Via Email

The Indian startup Blockonomics has announced the launch of BTCMail service, that allowed users to send bitcoins via e-mail. BTCMail provides the opportunity to use cryptocurrency bitcoin by analogy with gift ...

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