What Risks Does Block.One Bear For Voting In EOS Network

Block.One decided to start voting with the help of its EOS tokens. At the same time, the company controls 10% of the 1 billion issued tokens. As decision-making on the platform is ...

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Research: 94 Out Of 100 Successful Blockchain Projects Are Based On Ethereum

According to cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke, 94 of the 100 best blockchain projects based on the Ethereum platform.  Ethereum network deserves to be one of the leading blockchain platform for smart contracts. He ...

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Bitcoin Community Criticized Microsoft Purchase

On Monday, June 4, the American technology giant Microsoft purchased a well-known web service GitHub. The deal amounted to $ 7.5 billion. But reaction of cryptocurrency community to this news turned out to be ...

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The Premier Of Bermuda Signs A Partnership With Binance

Bermuda's Prime Minister David Burt and the head of the cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Chao signed a memorandum of understanding. Live Video: The Premier of Bermuda, David Burt, signs an MOU ...


Is Cryptocurrency Mining Still Profitable In 2018?

Due to increase of digital currency prices in 2017 and their publication in the headlines of the majority media, many people began to interest in the crypto space. So, cryptocurrency mining last year has reached unprecedented ...

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Fake Websites Around ICO Telegram Enriched Scammers Once Again

At the end of last year, the first reports of the forthcoming ICO Telegram were published. There were no official announcements from the Pavel Durov company (as well as still), but at ...

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Who Actually Makes Profit On Cryptocurrencies

Crypto exchanges are becoming one of the largest beneficiaries of the cryptocurrency boom. Ten largest exchanges earn about $ 3 million a day as commissions, which means more than $ 1 ...

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Bitmain Opens Office In Swiss Zug

Chinese bitcoin company Bitmain has opened a new office in the Swiss Canton of Zug, according to local news Handelszeitung. This step by the largest manufacturer of mining hardware occurred against the ...

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