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BTC-e And WEX Were Controlled By US Investigation Services


Last week media resourse Lenta published an article titled "Bitcoin Special Operation." The author of the publication, Konstantin Lyapunov, believes that the BTC-e and WEX cryptocurrency exchanges were controlled by American investigation services.

In 2017, the alleged administrator of BTC-E, Alexander Vinnik, was arrested, and the crytpocurrency exchange itself was closed by the FBI. Vinnik claims that he did not hold a leading position in the company, but served as a consultant. According to Lyapunov, BTC-E was controlled by FSB officer Sergei Mikhailov, who was arrested in 2016 on treason charges. The former owner of WEX Dmitry Vasilyev said that Mikhailov managed the work of the Webmoney payment system and, as a result, the BTC-E exchange. Mikhailov is suspected of collaborating with US intelligence agencies, so the author of the article believes that the US security forces led BTC-E through their intermediary, Mikhailov.

The successor to BTC-E, the WEX exchange, was controled by Dmitry Vasilyev and a certain Alexey, who was acting as administrator. The article states that these people were recruited by the special agent of the US criminal investigation department Tigran Gambaryan. However, in December 2018, the owner of WEX (World Exchange Services) changed: the company was bought by Daria Khavchenko, the daughter of Donbas militiaman Dmitry Khavchenko (aka Moryachok). Daria promises to refund and resume the work of the website. Moreover, Khavchenko reported that she would look for the cryptocurrency missing from BTC-E, according to preliminary estimates, for between $ 150 and $ 500 million.

According to Agency the militiaman Khavchenko received funding from Russia and is directly connected with the FSB. Thus, control over WEX passed from hands of the American power structures into hands Russian. But was there any point in fighting for the little-known exchanges? Unfortunately, the Coinmarketcap portal did not keep statistics on the trading volume on BTC-e and WEX, so we cannot estimate the real turnover on these exchanges. Nevertheless, one thing is certain for BTC-e: the overwhelming majority of users of illegal trading sites on the darknet bought and sold Bitcoin on this platform. Nobody will tell the exact data on the turnover of the shadow businesses, but at that time sales were millions of dollars a month.

Lenta's author suggested that the 3 largest transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain (at 66.233, 66.452 and 66.378 BTC coins) were conducted by US intelligence agents. We only have data on one of these remittances - 66.233 BTC (about $ 250 million at the exchange rate at the time). Western media believe that the purpose of this transaction is over-the-counter trading, and we agree with them on this. On December 3, whales actively bought Coin at a low price, so the theory with the special services may have a right to exist if the special services are these same whales.