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Breaking News: Ethereum Rate Is Near To Collapse


On November 26, at 13:34 PM, 17.723 Ethereum (ETH) coins were transferred to the Okex cryptocurrency exchange account. Apparently, another whale decided to sell the coins, so in the near future, the ETH rate could break through the support barrier in the region of $ 100 and drop to $ 50 in the near future.

Since November, 12 Ethereum price fell practically twice - from $210 to $113. There was panic In the market which led to bulk selling ETH. To date blockchain startups keep about 55.000 ETH (about 4% of the total number of coins), according to analysts, owners of the companies can begin to sell tokens at any time, it will cause chain reaction in the market that will lead to falling of a course to $50!

During the last 24 hours, the price of all leading cryptocurrencies was in the green range. The record for value growth is Bitcoin Cash (+ 28.69%). Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by 5.36% and 5.51%, respectively, however, the positive trend may be temporary. That is why we advise you to closely monitor the course of digital assets in order to respond in time to the market situation.