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Bobby Lee States His Support Of SegWit2x Hard Fork Was Wrong


Bitcoin industry veteran Bobby Lee said he was mistaken in his support for the failed SegWit2x hard fork, calling it "extremely dangerous and irresponsible."

Recall in May 2017, key players in the Bitcoin industry, including Bitmain, Bitfury, F2Pool, Genesis Mining, ShapeShift and Xapo, signed the so-called New York agreement on activation of Segregated Witness and a hard fork, which implies an increase in block size up to 2 Mb.

The project was called Segwit2X, however, it was met with hostility by a significant part of the community of developers and ordinary users, who insisted on the lack of consensus. It was expected that the activation of the hard fork will occur in November 2017, however, several days before the appointed deadline, its cancellation was announced.

Bobby Lee was also one of the SegWit2x supporters, however, in a series of tweets on Saturday, November 16, he admitted that he was wrong then. The former BTCChina CEO added that today he is more than ever supporting the original SegWit protocol, which is fully supported, including the native bech32 address format, in his recently launched Ballet wallet.