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Blockstream Released C-lightning 0.7 For Bitcoin Blockchain

blockstream c-lightning

On March 1, the Blockstream company released a new version of the c-lightning 0.7 software for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain (BTC). It implements additional functions, as well as eliminated bugs and improved performance.

C-lightning is the implementation of the Lightning Network's offchain protocol, which aims to increase the level of Bitcoin scalability. In version 0.7, developers to eliminate a number of bugs, improve the security system and implement new functions:

  • Plugins. In version 0.7, developers are able to use their own applications written in any programming language. This increases the flexibility of the protocol and provides additional options for customizing the interface.
  • Option Routeboost. Allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency through private payment channels. This function will be used by network nodes that want to keep transactional privacy.
  • Improved digital asset control.
  • The option option_data_loss_protect is now enabled by default.
  • Reproducible builds.
  • Added the ability to create Ubuntu binaries.

However, the main innovation of c-lightning 0.7 is the function of creating plugins in the user interface consisting of:

  • Command line for plugin configuration.
  • The mechanism for sending event notifications to lightningd.
  • Tools to manage the work of the plugin.

Blockstream developers urge everyone to create plugins on the Lightning Network. To do this, you need to read the guide on developing applications on the C-lightning website and study examples of plugins on the GitHub portal. Employees of the company are asked to send feedback on the new version of c-lightning and suggestions for the following upgrades.