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Blockchain Startup Blockonomics Will Offer The Possibility Of Sending Bitcoins Via Email


The Indian startup Blockonomics has announced the launch of BTCMail service, that allowed users to send bitcoins via e-mail.

BTCMail provides the opportunity to use cryptocurrency bitcoin by analogy with gift cards sent by such giants of the e-commerce market as Amazon or Flipkart.

In this case, the sender does not need to know the detailed information about the recipient or its payment details. According to the developers, this service is aimed at users who want to send digital currency as a gift to their friends and relatives who are interested bitcoin, but have not yet acquired a purse.

In blog, representatives of Blockonomics assure users that the whole process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency is completely decentralized and secure. So, according to them, the funds sent by the user remain in the locker until the recipient makes a request for withdrawal of funds through the BTCMail service.

In order to withdraw funds, the recipient should click on the link received in the letter from the sender of the cryptocurrency, and then enter the code for output provided by Blockonomics. After matching the code with the URL, the recipient will be sent a private key and QR code, which will give you the opportunity to receive a cryptocurrency in your wallet.

In fact, the recipient can redeem bitcoin even when blockonomics server is down by mathematically combining the private keys.