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Blockchain Consortium R3 Will Have A Representative Office In Russia

R3CEV blockchain

The international blockchain consortium R3 is considering the possibility of opening its representative office in Moscow on the basis of QIWI Blockchain Technologies department (Qiwi Blockchain Technologies Ltd). This reported by RNS.

According to publication, the opening of the office scheduled for late autumn 2017.

"Through a representative office in Moscow, R3 plans to establish direct communications with Russian financial institutions, administer cooperation projects with participants from Russia and Eastern Europe, and integrate its own blockchain-platform Corda in Russia," QIWI said.
In addition, the consortium plans to conduct a hackaton in Russia for developers of projects and applications on the Corda platform.

Earlier, the general director of QIWI, Sergey Solonin, and the school of computer technology Scream School announced the creation of the Blockbuster Academy in Russia. On its basis, it is planned to create a separate course on Corda for developers and business leaders.