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Blockchain-consortium R3 launches Corda v.1.0


 Blockchain-consortium R3 has released the final version of the Corda platform (v.1.0).

Corda is the most universal open-source platform on the market, said R3 CEO, David Rutter, - Commercial deployment path starts here.

Corda platform is designed to reduce the costs of various business transactions. This is possible due to the fact that companies can make transactions using smart contracts. Last ensures a high level of confidentiality and security of operations.

Corda is a highly specialized tool developed for financial organizations. The key feature of Corda is that the platform does not use blockchain in direct sense. Instead, special notary nodes are used. Corda transactions, are not broadcast to all its participants. Entries in the database are available only to those network members who have the right to view and manage them.

In May, consortium R3 CEV attracted a record $ 107 million investment for the corporate blockchain industry.

Despite significant interest in R3 and corporate solutions based on distributed ledger technology, not all participants in the consortium share the optimism of investors. So, this week it became known that the blockchain consortium R3 exit two key figures - the director of global business development Tim Grant and market research director Tim Swanson.