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Blockchain startup introduced a new version of the EOS software 1.3.0. Details of the release published on GitHub.

Developers have noted the growing stream of responses thanks to which they can improve a technical component of the protocol according to needs of users. They will update software every second Tuesday of all subsequent months.

The team also decided to share regular reports that would keep the project community informed of the matter.

EOSIO V1.2.0 the main attention paid to reduction of installation time of a note and acceleration of blockchain synchronization. In the new version, the developers have implemented a solution for facilitating the validation of blocks from trusted producers.

Note that the existing backend was replaced by a number of tools based on the WebAssembly standard. The developers expect that, thanks to this, EOSIO-based blockchains libraries will be able to increase the efficiency of each microsecond of transaction processing.

Also representatives reported that in subsequent releases the utility eosiocpp for writing smart contracts will eliminate. So, already in 1.3.0 presented in the form of EOSIO.CDT with the support of programming languages ​​Gnu and C ++.

Recall, the release of EOSIO 1.1.0 held in late July.