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Bittrex Crypto Exchange Will Conduct The Initial Exchange Offer RAID

bittrex ieo

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange will conduct  the initial exchange offer (IEO) commisioned by the blockchain startup RAID. Exchange's users can buy RAID tokens (XRD) as part of IEO.

During IEO, a startup RAID plans to raise funding in the amount of $ 5.95 million. The company has already transferred to the Bittrex account 17 billion XRD coins for IEO. 1 XRD token will cost 10 Satoshi ($ 0.00039 at current exchange rate). The minimum purchase amount is $ 10, and the maximum - $ 20,000. The initial exchange offer will be launched on March 15, 2019 and will last until March 18 or until the sale of all coins.

ERC-20 standard RAID tokens will be available only for Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. Digital assets will be distributed among IEO members within 14 days of the end of the sale. IEO compares favorably with the initial coin offering (ICO), since the initial exchange offer is conducted under the guidance of a large trading platform. The exchange sells coins comissioned by the creators of the cryptocurrency and guarantees a high level of security of the personal data of the participants of IEO.

The IEO launch project on Bittrex is in many ways similar to the Binance Launchpad platform for selling tokens, which was opened by the Binance exchange. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is glad that Bittrex decided to conduct IEO. In his opinion, selling digital assets in the blockchain is a very effective method of raising funds. The projects will use the initial exchange offer to help businesses get money to implement their projects.

You can take part in IEO from RAID on Bittrex International. This portal contains all the important information about a RAID startup and about the upcoming sale of tokens. Please note that only identified users have the right to buy XRD coins, therefore, if you are planning to purchase tokens, you should now send the documents for verification.