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Bitmain Tech Launches A New Mining Pool Connect BTC


Bitmain Tech has launched a mining pool called "Connect BTC", located in Israel.  This is the first venture for mining Bitcoins, which has opened by the company in the middle East. 

Bitmain Tech Launches Israeli Mining Pool Connect BTC

Bitmain develops its activity since the establishment in 2013. The company not only produces hardware for mining, but also has several mining pools at its disposal in Beijing.

Bitmain controls such mining pools as, and also manages the famous Antpool. Also in the bitcoin community there are rumors that ViaBTC is also under the control of Bitmain. This is primarily due to fact that Bitmain has invested in ViaBTC about $200 000. This week the company announced the launch of Ra'anana, an Israeli R & D company and the Connect BTC mining pool.

The new mining organization is a global pool that claims to be a "home for miners". Connect BTC has a PPS plan with a 6 percent subsidy for all members and claims that it is distinguished by "ease of installation with high rewards".  The general manager of Connect BTC, Gadi Glikberg (Gadi Glikberg) said during the launch announcement:

“Our role as pools is to provide miners with liquidity and stability. We provide miners with real-time data in an easy to use UI, while keeping payment plans simple and stable,” explains Glikberg. “In recent years, pools have come up with imaginative new payout methods that confuse customers and displace risks back to the miners.”

This launch Bitmain adds another component to the many branches of the company and plans for the future. Last year, the company also announced its plans with MGT Capital for expansion of mining in the United States.

In addition, Bitmain is constructing a new data center in Xinjiang province. 45-mining hardware will use 140 megawatts of power in a completely dust-free area. At the moment the branch Bitmain BTC handles Connect to 10.43 PH / s in the network and shows the growth Hasrat since the launch of the pool. Glikberg said it is due to the fact that the high subsidies on the usual PPS plans to allow miners to profit from increasing fees, while avoiding any risks.

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