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Bithumb Will Compensate For The Damage Inflicted By Hacker Attack

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has officially confirmed about victim of a hacker attack and promised to return stolen funds to users. Representatives wrote on Twitter, that exchange would like to share the events that took place on June 20, 2018 and the steps they're taking to ensure that users asset is safe and secure with Bithumb.

Bithumb hack, as a result of which the exchange lost about $ 30 million, occurred on June 20. The company immediately issued a warning to its customers and asked to immediately stop making deposits in the cryptocurrency.

"Bithumb urgently ask our valuable customers not to deposit any fund into Bithumb wallet addresses for the time being."

In new post representatives of exchange state that they will cover the amount of damage from Bithumb Foundation funds. Let's note, on the fund's account is about $ 450 million.