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Bithumb Is Being Hacked, EOS And XRP Were Stolen

The Korean exchange Bithumb, apparently, was hacked again, as reported by the user Dovey Wan on her Twitter page.

According to Dovey's, EOS cold wallet was allegedly cracked, from which the coins were already transferred to EXMO, Huobi, Changelly, KuCoin, CoinSwitch exchanges. It is also reported that the XRP wallet could have been compromised.

After a suspicious transaction, Bithumb was forced to stop depositing and withdrawing services, citing the need for "technical work." However, the ad did not mention the word “hack” or “EOS”, but many argue that the terms of hacking and surprise service are the same.

Recall that in the middle of last year, Bithumb had already been hacked, then more than 30 million US dollars were stolen in various cryptocurrencies. Then the exchange covered all losses from its own funds.