August 26, 2017 / tehnology

BitFury Mined The First SegWit-block More Than 1 MB

пул от Bitmain

On Friday, August 25, a day after the activation of the Segregated Witness protocol in the bitcoin network, the mining pool BitFury found the first block more then 1 MB. At the same time Chinese Antpool continues to periodically mine empty blocks.

The historical block larger than 1MB found at 481947 at 07:10 UTC. In total, it contained 2,164 transactions with $ 9 million at the current exchange rate, and its size was 32 KB more than the usual limit of 1 MB – 1032.119 KB.

After some time ago Justin Camarena, CEO startup called Bitrefill, that let people top up their mobile phone credit with bitcoin, reported that this size of block became possible thanks to the created transaction. At the same time, he noted that Bitrefill regularly creates such transactions.

If you look at the statistics of the blocks that extracted in the last 24 hours, you can see that the vast majority of them have a size of just under 1Mb.

Against this, the blocks mined by Antpool stand out: of the 14 blocks produced during the current day, four were 0.34 MB in size, another four were 701.18 MB, 701.18 MB, 684.12 MB and 738 MB, respectively.

Such behavior Antpool observed over the past several days, and it happens at a time when the number of unconfirmed transactions in the network currently exceeds 90 thousand, and their size exceeded 100 MB.

At the same time there are frequent complaints about too high commissions for transactions, which, in combination with questionable actions, Antpool even caused some bitcoin developers to report a planned attack on the network and sabotage from Bitmain and Antpool.




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