September 25, 2019 / ICO

Bitfinex Introduces IEO In A New Manner


The popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has restarted its platform for conducting IEO. The new platform is called Bitfinex Token Sales. This information was published on the company’s blog.

Recall, that the predecessor of Bitfinex Token Sales was the Tokinex platform. The operation of the latter was stopped when the exchange team decided to leave Ethfinex.

However, restarting of the platform was a necessary measure, as Bitfinex specialists changed the technical approach to conducting IEO. As we know the main difference between Bitfinex Token Sales and Tokinex is the emphasis on working with projects in the long term.

The changes were the result of long observation and analysis of technologies for conducting primary exchange offers from other platforms.

Bitfinex prohibited its new service for residents in several countries, including the United States. However, users of the network perceived the launch of the platform differently. Some noted that they had been waiting for the event for a long time, while others reacted negatively to the opening.

Currently, Bitfinex specialists have already chosen the first project for placement on the platform. The opportunity to become a pioneer of Bitfinex Token Sales was provided to K!M tokens of Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. The exact dates of the IEO will be announced later.

Recall, recently, Bitfinex from the US prosecutor’s office was charged with carrying out illegal activities. Subsequently, participants in the crypto community suggested that the problems of the project could positively affect the movement of the Bitcoin exchange rate.


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