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Bitcoin price overcame the level of $ 8000

This night, 16-17 of November, the price of the first cryptocurrency updated its historical maximum and breaked the level of $ 8000. 

битфинекс график

As seen in the chart of the exchange Bitfinex, the price moves up significantly accelerated in the last few hours. It is also worth noting that many popular cryptomeria bitcoin only crept close to the psychological level.

Thus, in just four days, "digital gold" recovered after a recent rather deep dump.

The current capitalization of bitcoin exceeded $ 130 billion; the dominance index is 57.5%. The latter suggests that the first cryptocurrency is still more popular than all altcoins combined. Since the beginning of this year, the price of bitcoin has increased about eight times.

Social media users enthusiastically reacted to the new achievement of “digital gold”.

... and some of them wondered if bitcoin would take $ 10,000 in the near future:

Recall that the $7000 was achieved with bitcoin just two weeks ago.