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Bitcoin price has fallen back below $ 700

bitcoin price

Bitcoin price

The first panic on markets after the victory of Donald Trump on the presidential election in the US, apparently, has laid down. At the end of the week, the financial markets was showing positive trends. This inevitably affected on Bitcoin price, it again fell below $ 700.

Recall that from Wednesday, when it became known that Trump got the victory in the fight for the US presidency, investors rushed to buy safe assets: gold, sovereign bonds, and Japanese yen. The attractiveness of Bitcoin grew up too, which in just a few hours, added to the cost 4%, reached $ 743 on Bitfinex and $ 740 on Bitstamp.

At the same time, the major stock indexes tumbled, confirming investors' interest in cryptocurrencies.

However, as the further development of the situation had shown that the markets quickly coped with panic moods. So, Dow Jones index on Friday set a record growth, ended the best week since 2011, turned sharply towards growth and risky assets - after as traders reconsidered the possible influence of Trump's presidency, many believe that it would lead to greater economic growth.

More than any other has added financial and industrial sectors. There has been growth in IT-sector.

"Wall Street will for a variety of purposes (in the administration of Trump) and statements concerning the policy to see whether the true state of affairs that a more optimistic tone that we have in the markets in recent days," - said in a comment Reuters Alan Gayle, senior investment strategist at RidgeWorth Investments.

Cryptocurrency same in recent days has shown a negative trend. On a Sunday night cryptocurrency course again dipped below $ 700, and lost during the last 24 hours about 3% of the value.

At the time of publication (07:30 UTC) Bitcoin traded at around $ 692 on Bitfinex and $ 689 on Bitstamp, at the same time, we could not exclude a further reduction in average rate to $ 680. The market capitalization of the first cryptocurrency in the morning on Sunday according to Coinmarketcap estimated at $ 11.058 billion.

Bitcoin chart

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