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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will It Possible To Break The Level Of $ 10,000

Last week, buyers dominated mainly on the market, but to consolidate above $ 9800 failed again. 

As expected in the previous analysis, near this level followed massive sales. So it happened: the price practically reached $ 10,000 and then began to fall precipitously.

btcusd1 chart may

Now the price is trading near $ 9300. On the daily chart, all this looks like a high-volatility flat. The price has already tested $ 9,800 twice. If it up to this mark again, then most likely it break it. In this case, with a high probability of growth will be impulse, with a break of $ 10,000 and a move to $ 11,700.

btcusd2 chart may

On the four-hour chart, the triangle worked perfectly. As a result, the price  has broken triangle, and went up. Now there is a rollback. The probable level from which you can "buy" is the $ 9000, where local support is provided on a four-hour chart.