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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Probable Growth Up To $7000


Last week has passed quite calm and, as well as it was supposed in prewvious analysis, the week candle has turned out potentially turning in shape Dodges with a bull body.

This year, while all such formations worked out the subsequent growth (on the chart marked with arrows), so with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that this week there will be growth. This fits well with the idea of ​​a price revers to $ 7000.

On a daily chart was noted zone in which the price will aspire this week - it is the level of $6800 - $7000, exactly there will begin to occur new massive sales.

If we consider the negative scenario this week, then the critical point will be the price of the last week low - below $ 6100, then the price can be increased up to $ 5750. However, it is not expected strong movements this week, most likely we'll see the flat again with a slight increase in the price.

Pay attention to a monthly time frame: ideally it is necessary to be closed not lower than the level of $7000 - $7100, then the situation will be more or less interesting to bulls if we are closed below, then it will be a good opportunity for bears to continue to press the price below.