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Bitcoin Price Analysis: What To Expect From The Cryptocurrency


Last week hasn't equaled hopes of either bulls, or bears again. It would seem, the price is ready to break through range up, but, on the contrary, drops. And when all are upset and begin to sell, the price starts over again growing. Such feeling that intra day traders need to do everything on the contrary.

In general we will wait a breakdown trend up, however for an accurate turn it is necessary to overcome a mark of $7300 about which it was more than once told.

There are all important levels:

While in respect of the technical analysis at the main exchanges nothing interesting occurs, we would like to pay attention to Asia as there are interesting processes. Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange has gained the lead on the trading volume bitcoin and densely breathes down the neck of the Bitmex exchange (though, in difference, trading on Bithumb comes from Bitmex without shoulder). It means that someone stocks up with serious volumes and has decided to make it less considerably. The price at the same time stands still practically — the large investor wants to buy cheaper.

Another interesting fact is that less than a month ago a large investor, who has no relation to cryptocurrencies, bought out a controlling stake in Bithumb. There is a statement for plans to open new offices in Japan and Thailand before. The Singapore VK Global group of companies specializing in plastic surgery became the new owner of Bithumb.


We think what will run exactly up. Look at the trading volume at the Asian exchange in comparison with all year has how strongly increased. Obviously something's up.