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Bitcoin Mining Becomes More Decentralized


The share of the largest mining pools hash rate as and Antpool is gradually decreasing. This observation, in particular, shared a regular Twitter and a cryptoenthusiast ArminVanBitcoin (A v B).

According to him, smaller pools are gradually winning the share of this market, and mining as a whole is becoming more decentralized.

If you compare the current data on hash rate distribution month ago, you can see that and Antpool are no longer 42%. Approximately 30 % of the total bitcoin hash rate controlles by Bitmain pools. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of the so-called "51% attack".

Among the commentators there are often skeptics. One of these suggested that the pools could switch to the Bcash (Bitcoin Cash) mining.

ArminVanBitcoin replied that in this case, the difference would be insignificant, since Bcash's production accounts for approximately 7.6% of the bitcoin hash rate.

Recall, recently the largest manufacturer of mining hardware Bitmain pledged to report monthly on its own mining capacities.