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Bitcoin is under a regular attack on the background of growth rate

kiber atack

Attack on Bitcoin

It is almost a day when Bitcoin network is under a regular attack. A number of uncorroborated transactions are continuously growing. On the date of publication, the amount was about 60,000 - about 40 MB. That is, even if all new transactions no longer flow into the network, for complete cleaning line will need 40 full blocks - it is about 7 hours. A majority of blocks comes in blockchain are filled to the limit of 1 MB, and contains from 1 to 3 of thousands of transactions.


What is even more interesting, the attack on the network has coincided with the growth of the course that is the period of natural traffic growth caused by input and output of Bitcoins in exchanges. Increasing Bitcoin prices during last week was associated with several factors - a new wave of the weakening of Chinese Yuan, the Conference of miners in China, the upcoming release of Segregated Witness and more smaller, but positive developments on the background of reduced emission of Bitcoins after divided on a half the reward for a block, in July.

This attack has one more feature: it is carried out using a large volume of transactions with high commission. Observers have recorded a massive stuffing of transactions that contained commission about 55,000 Satoshi per kilobyte, which is about 2.5 times more than the average size of the commission, set in the last few months during the relative calm.

attack causes

The reasons for the attack and its possible duration are currently unknown. Some members of the community associate it with activation of Bitcoin Unlimited supporters, which tend to get more miners’ votes, to block the adoption of awkward decisions for them by Bitcoin Core. It should be to say that the time was well chosen - a natural volume growth of transactions had maintained the bandwidth close to the limit, so even a small increase a number of transactions would be sufficient to create a line of uncommitted transactions and delays during their passage to the next block.

Therefore, Core developers are forced to rush the release of Segregated Witness, which will give them at least some respite. Prior to its launch in the network on 15 November, not long left, and if it gets success, Bitcoin Unlimited may lose a significant part of the support that understands both sides. Unfortunately, from such "transactional Wars", most of all suffer ordinary Bitcoins users.