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The Bitcoin Gold Team Has Implemented Protection Against Replay Transaction

two-way protection

The Bitcoin Gold developers announced the addition of replay protection. As noted web-site, protection against repeat playback is an important function that prevents erroneous sending of coins to another chain. In this case, Bitcoin Gold developers used the SIGHASH_FORK_ID solution.


Bitcoin Gold road map initially indicated that on November 1 the project intends to launch the main network and provide the opportunity for the mining of new cryptocurrency. However, these terms has postponed to a somewhat later date. Nevertheless, the market has already reacted positively to the news about the addition of protection against replaying transactions.

btgusd chart

As you can see on the chart, a week ago "new digital gold" was trading below the $ 100 mark. At the moment, the price of BTG exceeds $ 130.

Also to date, the Bitcoin Gold team implemented a complexity recalculation algorithm, added a unique address format, announced a partnership with some mining pools, created a local test network and a block explorer.

In the nearest future, the developers will launch a public testnet, prepare to launch the main network and add the possibility of decentralized mining of the new cryptocurrency.

Recall, the Bitcoin Gold hardfork implemented on October 24, a snapshot of the bitcoin block has made on block 491,407.



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