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Bitcoin Forecast For Summer 2021: What Price Robert Kiyosaki Will Buy BTC

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China bans Bitcoin again. BTC miners are shutting down operations across the country. At the same time, authorities have instructed banks and Alipay not to support cryptocurrency transactions. In 2017, after a similar ban, Bitcoin grew by 500%.

Robert Kiyosaki is ready to buy even more at a price of $ 27,000. He expects the cryptocurrency market to fall even more, but in the long term, BTC will win similarly to gold and silver. Cryptoanalyst PlanB reveals two scenarios for Bitcoin in December 2021 with the exchange rate of $ 135,000 and $ 450,000.


The index of fear and greed is close to the lowest values ​​in history, namely at 10 points.

fear grid index

This is due to the fact that China is about to seriously shut down mining operations, and issued an order to ban cryptocurrency transactions for five of the country’s leading banks and the Alipay payment system.

Anyone will get scared after such news. But let’s turn to history. The last ban on cryptocurrencies in China was in the fall of 2017. Then, everything was scary too. But in the winter of the same year, the growth of Bitcoin exceeded 500%:

Why has it happened? Because then in 2017 it was not the first such ban and Chinese traders had learned to bypass possible restrictions long before that moment. And when we talk about a new ban today, we need to think about how many cryptocurrency transactions actually went through banks. Indeed, in China, financial companies do not risk disobeying the authorities, remember how they recently defeated Jack Ma’s Ant Group, which is in fact the same Alipay payment network.

As soon as the authorities decided that the company had become at least a little independent from the sensitive leadership of the party, it was immediately banned from the IPO, reorganized and removed Jack Ma from the leadership.

Since the Chinese authorities have long been opposed to cryptocurrencies, we think local banks have tried not to get involved with this topic. Consequently, a ban has now appeared, but only a small number of transactions can fall under it, and this will be almost imperceptible for the market.

Of course, this is our assumption, but it is based on known facts and just look at the price of bitcoin. If the cryptocurrency industry were dealt a crushing blow, would the price turn back from $ 31,000?

btcusd 220621

And if this channel is valid, we may well move back to $ 40,000. And so the bears from the Bitfinex crypto exchange may think, who decided not to play with fire and closed most of the short positions.

There was also news from China regarding the shutdown of miners, which led to a significant decrease in network capacity.

But it is not critical. We have returned to the level of 2020, in addition, miners are already actively moving to other countries. So, in the United States from China, they will deliver by air, so that faster, immediately 3 tons of mining equipment.

It is a pity that the Chinese authorities decided to fight against the mining of cryptocurrencies in order to show how they are drowning for the environment. But in fact, nothing happened to the bitcoin network, miners will simply leave the country, and the authorities will have to think to whom to sell surplus electricity.

Robert Kiyosaki

A couple of days ago, Robert Kiyosaki announced that the greatest financial collapse is coming through the fault of the Fed and that to protect against it, you need to buy gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Moreover, he was going to take the first cryptocurrency when the price fell to $ 24,000.

But in a recent video, Kiyosaki stated that he would buy Bitcoin for $ 27,000 already. Could he make a reservation somewhere, or did his intuition work again? This is probably just a coincidence but look at the numbers. Just yesterday, MicroStrategy bought another 13,005 BTC for $ 489 million. And now the average cost of their BTC is $ 26,080.

Prior to this purchase, the average price of MicroStrategy Bitcoins was just over $ 24,000.

Given that MicroStrategy now has 105,085 BTC on its balance sheet, the average level of their purchase can be considered a conditional market bottom.

Because if it falls below it, the company will have to start selling, no matter how its head, Michael Sailor, assures us otherwise. After all, a large amount of cryptocurrency was bought on credit, for the issue of bonds and it will have to be returned with something, MicroStrategy’s own software development business does not bring such money.

But let’s back to Robert Kiyosaki. As Robert explains, the digital dollar, or as he calls it FED Coin, will first make the existence of commercial banks unnecessary. After all, now Fed will be able to distribute money directly to citizens. And then they will move on to a system of unconditional basic income, that is, they will just distribute money.

It seems like a cool thing and now it is actually being tested as part of payments for the coronavirus crisis. But a person who lives on such an income becomes completely dependent on the Fed, and add here the fact that digital money will be as traceable as possible.

Thus, in the United States, under the guise of democracy, they are actually building communism, which Kiyosaki also calls Marxism and totalitarianism.

He also says that the system has driven itself into a trap. There are many so-called “zombie corporations” in the stock market and this is true. Such companies will declare bankruptcy as soon as the Fed stops giving them money, but then there is a risk of a stock market crash, which the regulator really does not want.

After all, people are instilled with the idea of ​​the need to go to work, earn money and invest it in stocks. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything for the stock to show growth, but no one knows whether it will succeed or not. For this reason, Kiyosaki prefers to invest in real assets with a history, such as gold and silver. And he also buys bitcoin, because bitcoin does not obey the Fed and with its help you can transfer millions and billions of dollars from one point of the planet to another.

This is why Bitcoin should win in the long run, and even if we have a bear market now, it will not end in disaster. Cryptanalyst PlanB gave his forecast, according to which, even with a bearish scenario, the price of bitcoin in August will be $ 47,000, and the market will begin to recover in autumn, which will give us $ 135,000 in December.

And mind you, this is a negative scenario, as for an optimistic bullish outlook, Bitcoin will skyrocket to $ 450,000 at the end of this year.


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