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Bitcoin Facts That You Should Know In 2021


Below you will find out some important facts about Bitcoin that everyone who is interested in cryptocurrency needs to know.

Amazing Facts

  • The last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the creator of Bitcoin. The whole world is lost in the mysteries of his real personality. Satoshi created Bitcoin in 2008.
  • The very first million BTC were mined personally by Satoshi and still belongs to him.
  • Unlike physical money, the entire history of BTC movement from account to account is forever recorded in Blockchain – a global distributed and completely open database containing data on all Bitcoin wallets in the world.
  • In November 2013, Bitcoin price exceeded the price of gold for the first time.
  • A pizza bought in 2010 with BTC would be worth $ 10 million at today’s exchange rate.
  • A resident of Great Britain named James Howels, inadvertently, threw away the hard disk with the key from the wallet, which contained (and apparently still is) 7,500 BTC.
  • Lamborghini became the first car company in the world to accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Growth Factors In 2021

  • Banks for Bitcoin. JPMorgan predicted a rise in the price of bitcoin to $ 146 thousand. The bank’s strategists are confident that in the future the first cryptocurrency will gradually replace gold as a “defensive asset”, and in the next year its rate may reach $ 50-100 thousand, and in the long term, the price may exceed $ 146 thousand.
  • Analysis of existing financial markets shows that Bitcoin has almost unlimited growth potential. Especially given the new US strategy of endlessly printing dollars.
  • In just 12 years, Bitcoin has come a long way that took gold for centuries. Today, Bitcoin is suitable for savings, payment, and international transactions. Gold has only the first of these functions today.
  • Zero rates. To get out of the coronavirus crisis, the Fed, the ECB and other regulators will keep rates at zero for at least 1-2 years. Deposits and bonds no longer provide adequate returns, which stimulates demand for other assets: stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Institutions buy Bitcoin. The assets of the Grayscale Investments fund, whose clients I invest in cryptocurrency, have reached $ 24.5 billion.
    A financial reset with the dollar abandonment is only a matter of time. At the time of the collapse of the old financial system based on Bitcoin, at least an alternative one will be formed, as a maximum, bitcoin will become new money.
  • Since 2011, Stock-to-Flow model demonstrates the price of Bitcoin based on the dependence of the exchange rate on the reduction in emissions as a result of halving (approximately once every 4 years). According to this model, during 2021 the rate will reach $ 90,000, and in 2025 Bitcoin will grow to $ 1 million. Thus, in five years, buying Bitcoin at $ 39,000 today will be equivalent to buying it for $ 250 in 2015.

This Opinion Is Important – Persons Who Influence Our World Talk About Bitcoin

On January 29, Elon Musk added the bitcoin hashtag to his Twitter profile and wrote:

“In Retrospect, It Was Inevitable.”

Also, Robert Kiyosaki shared his opinion on Bitcoin on Twitter:

“Glad I bought Bitcoin. Next stop $50 k. Wall of institutional money coming 2021. Buy below $20 k. If you missed Bitcoin, buy silver.”

Billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio changed his mind about Bitcoin and published an entire article on his own company website.

“I think Bitcoin is a damn good invention.”

As you can see, many investors, bankers, and other well-known entrepreneurs already consider bitcoin a very valuable asset, for which the future and on which you can make huge money.

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