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Bitcoin Dev Has Published Proposals For The Upcoming Softfork


Peter Wuille, a well-known Bitcoin developer, has published two proposals to improve the first cryptocurrency protocol (BIP) through softfork to implement Taproot technology.

Recent years, the developers have published several separate proposals, including on the introduction of MAST, the Shnorr signatures and directly Taproot. Probably, these updates is combined in a single softfork, since the successive implementation is expense of efficiency, according to Wuille.

The new BIPs describe the version of SegWit based on the Schnorr signatures, Taproot, and Merkle, as well as the semantics of the script system. These proposals focus exclusively on the technologies mentioned and do not include other functionality that can be implemented independently.

The update code is available for review and edits in the repository on GitHub.

Recall that in the framework of the previous softfork, the Segregated Witness protocol was implemented, aimed at scaling the Bitcoin network, reducing transaction fees and increasing the block limit. Its activation was preceded by fierce debates within the community and the subsequent split into two irreconcilable camps.