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Bitcoin Has Died 90 Times In 2018


99bitcoins website keeps statistics on Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency obituaries. Since 2010, the digital asset has been buried 337 times; in 2018 alone, the death of the BTC was predicted 90 times.

The very first obituary has written in 2010 (a year after the release of the first BTC coin). The author of the publication said that Bitcoin will never become a full-fledged currency, the coin will die quickly and will not be able to win popularity with traders and investors. At that time, 1 BTC was worth $ 0.23, now its rate is $ 3.777, for 8 years Bitcoin has risen in price by 16,000 times - a very good result for the half dead currency.

The last obituary written by journalist Anthony Garcia called his “Bitcoin: the decline is fundamental, unsolvable, and the end of BTC” and predicted the demise of the leading cryptocurrency. Garcia stated:

“Bitcoin is literally worth nothing — Bitcoin has no chance of success because it’s worthless. It has nothing backing it but an illusion; no gold or silver or even a decree that it’s legal tender. It has no intrinsic value and no one needs it.”

Nouriel Roubini, nicknamed Doctor Doom in October of this year, called supporters of cryptocurrency villains, and Bitcoin assigned the name "Mother of All Soap Bubbles."

Skeptics' statements about the death of Bitcoin are devoid of common sense and pursue only one goal - to sow panic and depression among inexperienced traders. On December 20, 2018, Bitcoin trading volume reached a historic high - traders exchanged 2,266,735 BTC coins in the amount of $ 8.9 billion per day. What kind of death can Bitcoin be talking about?