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Bitcoin Core Team Released Update 0.17.0

bitcoin-core 0.17.0

The developers of Bitcoin Core presented a major update to the most popular Bitcoin client.

Team developed a new version of the client for seven months under the leadership of Wladimir van der Laan and with the participation of 135 contributors. This is also the result of processing more than 700 requests for changes. The new version of Bitcoin Core contains a number of new features, improved performance, fixed bugs.

Now Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 opens access to the “blockchain reduction” function, the weight of which already exceeds 180 GB, through a graphical interface, which simplify the launch of full nodes by new users.

The software also implements the “branches and boundaries” algorithm by Mark Erhardt from BitGo. It allows you to calculate a commission for the fragments that make up the funds in the cryptograph, before transferring the transaction - eliminating the need to add fragments to cover the commission and use the “address for delivery”.

At the same time, in the new software version, users will be able to create new cryptocurrency wallets for different needs through a graphical interface at any time, and through the Scantxoutset function and UTXO analysis, they can check if they have funds. Also, the developers managed to get away from the problem with creating HD-wallets and give users the opportunity to create cryptocurrency wallets for “view-only”, which allows you to monitor funds using seed phrases. And through the Bitcoin Core command line or connected applications, users can now conduct Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction, PSBT and block funds in a multi-signature wallet.

Recall that recently developers of Bitcoin Core discovered in the main Bitcoin client a vulnerability CVE-2018-17144, which could be used for an artificial increase in emissions for two years. The vulnerability was used to conduct a double write-off operation of 0.1 BTC in the Bitcoin test network and to issue 235 million coins for $ 15,000 in the Pigeoncoin blockchain.