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Bitcoin Community Criticized Microsoft Purchase

microsoft buy github

On Monday, June 4, the American technology giant Microsoft purchased a well-known web service GitHub. The deal amounted to $ 7.5 billion. But reaction of cryptocurrency community to this news turned out to be extremely negative.

So, GitHub is crucial for the blockchain industry, as many projects adjust and develop their open source code with the help of this service.

One of the first speakers was the developer of Bitcoin Core, Vladimir van der Laan. When asked if the bitcoin repository should migrate to another service, he replied in the affirmative.

Famous cryptoenthusiast Armin van Bitcoin sarcastically congratulated GitHub with deal and added that the developers have already started moving to Bitbucket.

The journalist Joseph Young made an analogy with the purchase of Skype by Microsoft.

Other users suggested to Young that he forgot to mention Hotmail and Nokia, which, in their opinion, do not show positive dynamics in development, purchased by Microsoft.

The organizator of the Breaking Bitcoin conference, Kevin Loatz, also symbolically "buried" GitHub.

At the same time, the creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer stressed that he is more concerned about the centralization of control over tools to create open source projects, rather than the company that purchased GitHub.

He also note that the advantage of GitHub in the ease of distribution and transfer of data, so it does not see anything difficult in switching to alternatives.

Palmer advised to duplicate important repositories, and those who are extremely concerned about the situation, use peer-to-peer IPFS protocol to copy data.

It should be noted that the competitive platform GitLab recorded a 10x increase in the import of repositories on Sunday, two days after the rumors of a deal between GitHub and Microsoft appeared on the network.

Twitter even launched a campaign under the hashtag #movingtogitlab, which the service itself supported by a system of discounts. So, new users can get a 75% discount on the Gold and Ultimate tariff plans.

But anysome did not agree with the categorical nature of the community. Thus, the leading developer of Samsung NEXT, Mikeal Rogers, stressed that moving from one centralized service to another simply does not make any sense.

In addition, he is convinced that the centralization of the service is not important if the product as a result has open source code.