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Bit.News Forum Has Added An Option Of Payment For Content In Cryptobank Stablecoins


Forum Bit.News has launched an option of payment for posts in the cryptocurrency, thereby motivating users to be even more active: posts, comments, ask questions.

The forum provides for higher rates of reward than other thematic resources. In addition, thanks to a special system for posts estimation, readers will be able to settle for better level of content.

Users may receive payment for published posts in a stable cryptocurrency Cryptobank (CBD). So that's a positive, that users of the information portal can get separate bonuses for the best topics and for the title of the best portal author. Prize places will reward in accordance with individual premium rates, in addition to receiving awards for each unique post.

The main requirements for paid content are:

1) Articles unique is not less than 90% on;
2) Posts unique is from 70% on;
3) The relevance of the information provided;
4) The audience response (at least five comments during the first day of publication);
5) The length of the article text should be at least 900 characters, and comments - at least 150 characters.

 If the users post complies with the requirements then cryptocurrency charge into the personal account of one will be made. If at the time of the post verification, its uniqueness is low or copy-paste, then such post will remove from the website within 3 days. Forum Bit.News moderator will inform user about notification with a suggestion to edit the post to the required level of uniqueness. If after receiving the update notification, the user does not make the necessary corrections, then this post will be removed from the forum. In turn, the user can appeal such post by sending a comment to the moderator.

The charge of coins is available in a account of each user, including the amount and link of paid post. So, each user can track the balance of his wallet, available at the top of the forum interface, next to the nickname.

Publish more useful posts and earn cryptocurrency!

These criterias are clearly real, so that users can safely try themselves. Posts are beginning to be evaluated by users after reaching 30 messages in their profile. Such conditions are necessary to protect the forum from bonus hunters and low-quality content.

As you will understand, only content that meets the above published requirements will be paid. We are ready to pay only for high-quality information, accordingly, this is the basic rule that operates on the forum Bit.News.

Candidates for rewards should, in fact, provide materials interesting to users and the cryptocurrency community as a whole. That is, the publication should like, and not cause negative. This condition estimates with the help of likes and dislikes, in addition, the latter should be less than the first. The forum will also add an option where the user will be required to justify his assessment to the published material, in the absence of a signature, the dislike will not be counted.

The forum will set a limit for the likes, thus, moderators intend to reduce the level of various frauds and jugglings results.

The reward will also not apply to advertising about selling, exchanging and offering posts.

These are the main conditions for the posts publication. As for payment, the reward will be charged to the personal account of the user in the cryptocurrency, and will be available five days after appearing on the balance - this term of funds freezing is necessary in order for the forum moderators to check the content for compliance with the rules and approve it. The administration reserves the right to impose restrictions on individual forum participants, when establishing the fact of incorrect behavior.

As you can see, the rules of participation are fairly transparent. If they change, the administration of the forum is obliged to notify the changes made in this thread or in a separate topic at the Bit.News forum. In any case, our main goal is to provide users of the forum with only quality and interesting content. In the meantime, each of you can personally try to receive a reward for the manifested activity on this portal, discovering not only an additional way to earn extra money, but also a source of useful information about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.