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Binance Hack: OKEx Offers Customers Bonuses For Withdraw Funds From Binance

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Binance cryptocurrency exchange reported a loss of 7000 BTC ($ 40.5 million) due to a hacker attack.

According to representatives of Binance, a “serious breach in the security system” of the marketplace was discovered on May 7.

The cofounder of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, wrote about the readiness “personally” to allocate funds for a total of 7,000 BTC in order to support the bitcoin exchange Binance, which suffered from a hacker attack.

The head of Binance thanked Sun, noting that he appreciates his noble gesture. However, according to Zhao, there is no need for outside help, the losses will be covered from #SAFU funds.
Zhao also thanked Coinbase and other exchanges that announced their intention to block deposits from the attackers.

OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange launched the “Switch to us” campaign. Customers who transfer 100 USDT "from a compromised exchange" are promised a bonus of 10 USDT.

What got the appropriate reaction:

Worst promotion ever! In these times the whole community should support each other and not try to exploit what's happened! Will delete my account @OKEx,” wrote the Twitter user under nickname CryptoDaddy.

Another part of the commentators questioned the reliability of OKEx itself.

At the same time, OKEx published a press release “An Important Lesson for All Exchanges and Users - Who Should Be Responsible for Your Own Assets?”, In which its representatives recalled the basic precautionary methods for working with digital assets.