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How To Create Cryptocurrency: Programs

The process of creating a cryptocurrency is a whole range of activities, including writing code, creating an infrastructure and bringing a coin to the market. Typically, a new coin is ...

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What Does Bitcoin Need For Win: Three Hypotheses

In this article, we have collected three hypotheses that concern the future of BTC and the entire cryptocurrency industry in general. There are many optimistic scenarios concerning the Bitcoin future. ...

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Is Craig Wright Satoshi or Faketoshi

The “creators” of Bitcoin have appeared from time to time since the creation of the first cryptocurrency. Some of them were bared immediately, but others caused waves and storms in ...

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Altcoin Season 2020: Is It Worth Buying Coins Right Now

While Bitcoin rises by 5%, altcoins make 10% and even 15% profit. There is a question: "Has the long-awaited season of altcoins come?". However Ethereum rate up to $ 260, XRP ...

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CUDAminer: Review

CudaMiner app is very popular among miners who use Nvidia GPU. For some time CudaMiner was one of the best mining applications for Litecoin (LTC), Vertcoin (VTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) on ...

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What Is a Bitcoin Mining Farm?

Although the Bitcoin price is far from its ATH, the popularity of BTC mining keeps growing. Anyone who has a desire can mine Bitcoin, unlike fiat currencies, which only governments ...

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What Is Cryptocurrency Market Cap; The Principle Of Its Formation

In this article, we answer the question: what is the cryptocurrency market cap? In simple words, this is the cost of a coin. therefore, it is an indicator describing the ...

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Cryptojacking: Search and Destroy

In 2011 California-based software developer in the field of information security and protection Symantec noticed about cryptojacking. At the end of 2011, Kaspersky Labs discovered the first Trojan program created exclusively ...

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