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Cryptojacking: Search and Destroy

In 2011 California-based software developer in the field of information security and protection Symantec noticed about cryptojacking. At the end of 2011, Kaspersky Labs discovered the first Trojan program created exclusively ...


Stablecoin: Advantages And Disadvantages

One of the main cryptocurrency characteristics is its high volatility. Some traders use it for their own benefit, but for most people it is inconvenient. The cryptocurrency can't be used for payment, exchange if its ...

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Features Of Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Parity Wallets

The growing cryptocurrency adoption and creating of many tokens have led to the emergence of hundreds of specialized cryptocurrency wallets. However, not all of them are convenient to use. Some cryptowallets support limited quantity ...


What Is Cryptocurrency Fork

There are two types of cryptocurrency forks: hardsoft and softfork.  Hardfork HardFork is a discrepancy with the current version of the blockchain with nodes on the new blockchain, not interacting ...

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A Loan Against Bitcoin: Why It Is Profitable

Now it can't be easy for owners of digital currencies to watch prolonged decline of the market. And those who bought a crypto currency at the peak of growth especially. Well, what to ...

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Bitcoin Halving: The Term, Features And Date Of The Next One

Halving is a natural process of limiting coins issue, that has written in the white paper bitcoin since the launch of the cryptocurrency. It was first used in the bitcoin network. It ...


The Best Cryptocurrency Mining Pools Of 2018

To choice of a mining pool user should give due attention and careful consideration as its characteristics will will affect the amount of profit from investment. Among them are  the payment mechanism, fees and other conditions for participation in the ...

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Cryptocurrency Guide: A Review Of Analytical Services

Analytical services are an important part of cryptocurrency infrastructure. These services provide useful information about cryptocurrency market prices and cap, the dynamics of transaction volumes, fees, volatility, etc. The number of such services grow ...

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