December 24, 2016 / tehnology

Attic Lab and Alparibank are going to launch e-money on a private blockchain

alpari bank

Alparibank – Attic Lab

Alparibank and Attic Lab signed the agreement on the integration of the Smart Money banking system grounded on blockchain technology for the introduction of the e-money accounting infrastructure of Prostir national payment system. The private distributed registry will be utilized within the system.

“We believe that this software with the open source will significantly reduce the total cost of the bank’s IT infrastructure, increase security and transparency of banking processes, allow the bank to offer customers new opportunities”, – stressed in the joint statement of Alparibank and Attic Lab.

Also, the integration of the system will maintain p2p-transfers from mobile wallets, smart contracts, warranty provision without trusted intermediaries and collective management of accounts.

Besides, the parties noted that they were interested in building a decentralized payments network with other banks and were working in this direction.

“It will help to create the ecosystem of partners. It will offer affordable services to its customers that forced to apply outdated technology solutions presently.”

It is expected that the launch of the system will be in the first quarter of 2017.

In his interview, Sergey Vasilchuk CEO Attic Lab told about his vision upon e-money on blockchain, their importance, opportunities for the state and society, about key issues of the traditional banking sector.

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