July 19, 2021 / news

Another Exit Scam: Unknown Persons From Anonymous Promote Anon Inu Token

anon inu

Last week, unknown hackers from Anonymous released a YouTube video announcing a new cryptocurrency project, Anon Inu. According to the video, the new token is focused on fighting Elon Musk and China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies.

However, a couple of hours after the video was published on the Internet, information appeared about a possible exit scam of the project.

The lead of Anonymous BSC account, which is fighting against scammers in the crypto sphere, has confirmed the fact of fraud by the creators of Anon Inu.

They’ve scammed before and they’ll scam again. We tried to warn people the first time, and will continue to do what we can to make crypto a safer space for everyone.”

Anon Inu is allegedly led by a team that previously defrauded supporters of AnonGate and GodToken. Among the latest developments is ProjectMoon project.

It is worth noting that the project does not have a clear roadmap, however, the scammers promised to distribute free tokens, unique NFTs, and other preferences to all Anon Inu hodlers, which is a very tempting offer for scam victims. The team also announced their intention to participate in charity by sending part of the funds received from the sale of tokens to dog shelters.

On such news, the price of the Anon Inu token soared to almost $ 0.01 within just a couple of days. According to PooCoinCharts, the maximum price for a token was $ 0.0094, but at the time of this writing, the price has dropped to $ 0.000129283.

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