Bitcoin Price Analysis: Is Correction Ended?

For traders actively trading bitcoins the main intrigue of the previous week was the downward trend line formed on the four-hour chart. Several times the price reached it, followed by ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: It Is Correction Despite Consensus 2018

Now there are many news that have impact on all cryptocurrencies market. From 14 to 16 May in New York is holding Consensus 2018, organized by the popular media CoinDesk. This conference is ...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Waiting For Consensus 2018

Last week hasn't brought a positive to bulls and the price still slowly, but surely began to fall down. The level of $ 10 000 remained untouched. The week candle has turned ...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will It Possible To Break The Level Of $ 10,000

Last week, buyers dominated mainly on the market, but to consolidate above $ 9800 failed again.  As expected in the previous analysis, near this level followed massive sales. So it ...


ICO Market Analisys During Q1 Of 2018

The total volume of funds raised through the initial coin offerings (ICO) during Q1 of 2018 was $ 3.3 billion. For comparison, in 2017 with the help of ICO cryptocurrency ecosystem raised $ ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: Positive Affect

Last week there were milestone events for a leader of the cryptocurrency market — bitcoin which positively affected on all crytpocurrency industry. On April 26, miners mined 17-millionth bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Breakthrough Is Possible, But Will Be Difficult

The past week did not bring any special surprises and generally passed under scenario described in the previous issue of our analytical analisys. At the moment there is a consolidation and accumulation of ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: Upside Momentum Is Ended

The period of the quarterly reports of the largest world corporations is ended. The moving of the capitals to the cryptocurrency market connected with this event has designated a new growth cycle.  ...

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