Bitcoin Price Analysis: There Is A Prolonged Flat

The prolonged flat was dominated last week. The amplitude from a weekly high to a low was just over $ 200, which was very small for such a volatile tool as Bitcoin. ...


Altcoins Price Analisys: The Bulls Get A Local Dominating

Bulls dominate on the cryptocurrency market for two weeks straight. Uptrend grows quite characteristic sharp impulses with short pullbacks, which may indicate some uncertainty in the stability of altcoins price. Because market players bet ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: What To Expect From The Cryptocurrency

Last week hasn't equaled hopes of either bulls, or bears again. It would seem, the price is ready to break through range up, but, on the contrary, drops. And when ...

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Altcoins Price Analysis: Consolidation Continues

The cryptocurrency market is still subject to the influence of short-term volatility surges, but at the moment consolidation is worsening. An exit from local range can  “stumble” on the border a medium-term flat. And only the ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Is Waiting For Strong Movement

Previous week was very interesting. Last Monday, there was an impulse price spike, which has been waiting for so long. The price maximally narrowed its amplitude in a large triangle ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: There Is Growth In The Short Term Only

The cryptocurrency market is still subject to the influence of short-term “spikes” of interest, which affect volatility. Apparently, the market finds support in the area of ​​lows, and this does ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: Where Will Sudden Growth Lead

Last week, idea of ​​a bear flag has fully realized, and bitcoin price fell by almost $ 500. During  the month bitcoin price smoothly grow up and "unloaded", reaching a critical ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: There Is A Gradual Drop, Replacing Flat

The current situation on the cryptocurrency market illustrates a continuing correction. The short-term outlook of the cryptocurrency market is achievement of the goals of local decrease the subsequent growth to the top limits ...

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