Altcoins Price Analysis: Bears Are Dominating

Since previous analisys the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has decreased by 16.5% (more than $ 72 billion). At the same time, the bitcoin price dropped by 15.83%. The first cryptocurrency domination index ...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: A New Wave Is Coming

Last week bitcoin failed to realize the figure "Head and shoulders" — the line of "neck" in the area of $11,700 proved to be a serious barrier. The February monthly ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: The Coins May Decline

Over the past two weeks, bitcoin and other criptocurrencies, showed significant growth. The price of the first cryptocurrency increased from $ 9,300 to $ 11,500. However, since February 5, the price of ...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bullish Trend Is Forming

Last week, the first cryptocurrency showed a smooth growth. The bulls had the opportunity to finally break the downtrend observed over the past two months.  The price of bitcoin follows a ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: In Waiting For A Trend To Break

During week the first cryptocurrency showed a smooth decline. So, in comparison with the maximum values ​​on February 20, bitcoin has fallen in price by more than $ 2000. The past week ...

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Altcoins Price Analysis: There Is Correction Again

As you know, there is no infinite growth in the market. The price of any asset moves up or down, or is in the "side channel". Yesterday, on February 21, the ...


Bitcoin Price Analysis: Long-Term Procpects

Last week was positive for bitcoin price and cryptocurrency market in general. So, "digital gold" again returned to level above $ 10 000, and the market cap reached $ 500 billion. As ...


Altcoins Price Analysis: Return To Status Quo

The cryptocurrency market demonstrates a confident recovery. So, over the past week, many digital currencies from the top of the Coinmarketcap rating have significantly increased in price. Ethereum As before Ethereum demonstrates the ...

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