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Altcoins Price Analysis: Bears Counter Attack


Since the previous analysis, the crytpocurrency market cap has decreased by about 10% (from $ 307 billion to $ 266 billion). Despite this, the share of bitcoin in the total market capitalization slightly increased (from 44.8% to 45.3%).


Ethereum continued downward movement, breaking through the psychological level of $ 400. The next possible target could be the $ 275.35 - $ 222.94 area.

The uptrend development  may be if the price will fix above the resistance marked by the red line, confirmation to which there will be an overcoming $471.94.

eth-usd chart april


XRP/USD price chart shows the bearish trend. The price is in the downward channel and there are no reasons for the trend reversal.

xrp-usd chart april

The price has broken the resistance around $ 0.57. The next obstacle for the price is the $ 0.29. Assuming a reversal of the trend will be possible, if the price chart comes out of the bear channel, illustrated on the chart XRP/USD.

Bitcoin Cash

The price is testing the resistance in the area of $ 679.64 - $ 580.35. When fixing below this level the downtrend will proceed.

bch-usd chart april

The psychological level of $ 500 is important too. To reverse the trend, the price will need to fix above the resistance level of $ 857.41.


The price broke the support  around$ 113.62 - $ 104.44, after which it faced a rather strong resistance:

ltc-usd chart april

According to chart the price of Litecoin has not been able to get out of this downtrend for a long time. The continuation of the downward movement will be indicated by the consolidation below the support level of $ 113.62 - $ 104.44, as well as overcoming the important psychological level of $ 100.


Trigger to strengthen the uptrend for the coin will be consolidation above the red line (Figure 5) and above the horizontal resistance level $ 7.00-7.40.

eos-usd chart april

In general, despite the recent impulse rising price surge, the downward movement of EOS continues. Based on this, we can expect the continuation of the price movement to the level of $ 4.54. In case of consolidation below this level, we can talk about the continuation of the downtrend, the target for which will be the range of $ 3.65 - $ 2.85.