February 23, 2019 / news

Alexander Vinnik Stopped His Hunger Strike After Meeting With The Russia’s Ombudsman

vinnik btc-eRussian Alexander Vinnik, who is in a Greek prison, has stopped his hunger strike. This was reported by the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Tatyana Moskalkova, who spoke with Vinnik in the hospital. According to her, the state of health is critical.

“What I saw exceeded my expectations. I had certificates and medical reports that the lawyer and our consulate showed me, but seeing for yourself is completely different. This is an absolutely skinny person, emaciated by an 80-day strike, requiring immediate comprehensive, serious, professional medical care, ”she explained.

The advocacy insists on the immediate absolve of Vinnik: at the end of January, the maximum period of detention, determined by the Greek Constitution, expired. The Russian was detained in July of the year before last.

Such a long period is due to the fact that three countries demand extradition at once: Russia, the United States, at whose request the Russians were arrested, and France, according to a European order issued in Paris.

Recall that France accused Vinnik of hacking e-mail of thousands of people and extorting, the U.S. for money laundering and fraud with cryptocurrency worth more than $ 4 billion, and Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 000 Russian rubles ($ 11,500).


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